LuaJIT library facilitating easy encoding and printing of strings as QR codes
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A wrapper for libqrencode that provides an easy way of encoding and printing strings as QR codes from Lua.

This uses LuaJIT's FFI library, and so will not run in PUC Lua implementations.

Written in Fennel.

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Table of Contents


Install dependencies:

# Debian/Ubuntu:
apt install libqrencode-dev

# Alpine:
apk add gcompat libqrencode-dev

Install with luarocks:

luarocks install qrprinter

For a list of available versions, see the luarocks module page.

Example Usage




qrprinter.encode_string( string )

Encodes string into a table representing a QR code.
Returns a two-dimensional sequential table of true/false values representing black/white QR modules.


All print functions accept an optional table options that may contain two keys:

  • invert: If non-nil, the output colors will be inverted
  • padding: Number of blanks cells to print around the QR code (default 2)


qrprinter.print_qr( qr, [options] )

Print qr to stdout using ANSI escape sequences.
Alias of qrprinter.print_qr_ansi.


qrprinter.print_qr_ascii( qr, [options] )

Print qr to stdout using ASCII characters.


qrprinter.print_qr_ansi( qr, [options] )

Print qr to stdout using ANSI escape sequences.


qrprinter.print_qr_utf8( qr, [options] )

Print qr to stdout using UTF8 block elements.


The Fennel code needs to be compiled before tests can be run:

# Build the project:
luarocks build

# Now you can run tests:
luarocks test